Testimony of Rev. Terry Clark

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida on April 13,1950. Unfortunately, I never knew my father or even his name. I am next to the oldest of eight children. We lived all over the Southeast and the Northeast. We were very poor, often abused, and abandoned several times. Most of us were put in foster homes.

In June of 1966 I moved to Waycross, Georgia - to a foster home. I went to high school at Ware County High school and graduated in June of 1970. I was drafted into the Army in July of that same year. The following July, my brother and I were in Vietnam. In November of 1971, my brother was killed in action. Upon my return to the States, I elected to stay state-side. I was stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia. In June of 1972 I married my high school sweetheart. In 1973 I was born again and walked with God for about three years. In 1974, we were on our way to Germany for three years. In April of 1977 my son, Christopher Wayne Clark, was born in Germany and five months later we returned to the States.

I was once again at Fort Stewart and nine months later in June of 1978 I was honorably discharged from the Army. We were already living in Waycross. I went to work at the rail-road. In 1985, my marriage ended in divorce. I then moved to Douglas and went to work driving a truck for Douglas Asphalt Company. At this time I turned my life over to Jesus forever. In June 1994, my son was driving to Douglas at night. He fell asleep and wrecked his car. He is now with Jesus. He was 17 years of age.

In January, 2000, I moved to Gainesville, Georgia and attended Free Chapel Worship Center where I came under the leadership of Pastor Jentezen Franklin and Pastor Hugh Skelton. I now understand, it was to teach me God's Word and prepare me for Peru.

In July 2002 I was invited to Peru for a week. At that time I did not know that the mission field would be my life. God has allowed me to preach His word and see many miracles. It is a joy to do God's work in such a beautiful country. On December 16, 2006 God added to my joy. He gave me a wife that loves His work. She is a native of Peru and together we will help full-fill the great commission. We give God all the glory for the souls we see saved in Peru, America, and all over the world.

If anyone is interested, this ministry can put together a one week mission trip. Contact us for more information. Be sure to keep us in your daily prayers.

E-mail: standinthegapministries@yahoo.com

© 2004 William C. Highsmith of SEEKER Productions and used by permission.