From Waycross Georgia to Dahlonega Georgia September 28, 2009

How many times have you heard someone say, I wish I had time to go somewhere for a few days; or I sure would like to see that, or I don’t have the time to go anywhere, or I don‘t have the money to go anywhere; or after a love one had passed away --- We were going to take them to see the leaves turn up in the mountains. (Maybe something like that.)

Well, my three sisters and I decided that was not going to be us. We planned a trip together to celebrate the birthday of my sister Billie. So the four sisters Diana, Edie, Bonnie and Billie went to North Georgia for two days. You can see and do a lot in two days. We packed our lunch and snacks and good ole’ ice tea and water to sip on. Off we went.

We saw where the rains had washed out some of the new highway on 441, cows in fields, flowers, beautiful trees, cotton fields, soy bean fields and old homes left to themselves. Going through your own state saves time and money. In addition, with a little planning you can find affordable places to stay overnight (like State Parks.)

For a small fee, you can eat really good also. It just takes someone who will ask the local people where you are, “where would you go to for lunch around here.” Talk with them. They love to share.

Our main goal was to see the “Funky Chicken.” We did. Art work and more. All free. The most fun was having my sisters with me.

Then on to Amicalola, GA. WOW! That is where most of the pictures were taken. Again all free. The Falls were wonderful. Easy walk to and from them. But don’t rush. Enjoy the flowers, the trees, plants and creeks. There is a picture of an old truck up the hill a way. Looks like it may have crashed years ago and only found once they cut a trail to the falls. I don’t know that, but I have a wonderful imagination.

Once through the campground we headed up a little road toward “High Shoals Baptist Church.” No noise out there. Only the wind blowing and birds singing. Oh yes, and four sisters enjoying the beauty and peace far from any city; or so it seemed.

We stopped and removed our shoes to wade in the cold stream flowing through the woods. MARVELOUS! I have seen the Red Wood Trees, but Georgia has some big trees too. A pine tree that one of my sisters and I could not reach around it. Who knew? (Maybe three of us could have circled it.)

In the photo’s you see some of Father’s work. Just imagine how it looked when He first created these mountains, hills, streams and trees. Even after such a long time, the beauty remains.

There is the Swamp Park outside Waycross. Have you ever been there? Just walk around. Relax for an hour or two. Try the Park outside Folkston, GA. That is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Take a walk with My Father in some of His creations. You may be amazed what a few hours with Him will do for you.

I am blessed……….