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This Old House
© 2013 - William C. Highsmith

Chester stood before the remains of the old house and pondered the past. This was his home for all his adult life until about three years ago. This was the place where he and his wife had raised their children and shared forty-two years together - high on the bluff. There were hard times, but also times of wonder and love. This is a land of beauty and majesty - but a land unforgiving for mistakes.

As he gazed and remembered, Chester was heart-broken to see how the old place had deteriorated. He was glad his wife was not there to witness its state of disrepair. He noticed the curtains still hanging in the windows upstairs. He remembered helping her hang them in the boys' bedroom years before.

After an extended illness, his wife passed away. Not long after she stepped into eternity, a storm came up the Cook Inlet from the Gulf Of Alaska with a mighty wind. It blew the old house from its foundation. No one was injured, but his long-time home was no longer habitable. Since his three adult children had moved to the lower forty-eight some years before,
Copyright  2011 William C. Highsmith
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Chester lived alone except for 'Love'. After the storm incident, his daughter insisted he leave his beloved Alaska and move into her home in Boise, Idaho. He loaded his Jeep with a few personal belongings, his late wife's old dog named 'Love', and moved to Idaho for two and a half years.

Finally, Alaska beckoned him home.

"Love, it's good to be home again! However, we have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it. Winter will soon be upon us."

By William C. Highsmith - July 3, 2013