The Path Into Darkness
2014 - William C. Highsmith

To the casual observer, the wide winding path - with sunlight filtered by the yellow pines - seemed so serene and peaceful. However, beyond the curve were the gates of hell!

At the end of the compelling path was a house with manicured lawns and shade trees with a fenced backyard. The family who lived there were hard-working Christain folks. They moved into the house because it was close to the railroad shops where the man worked and only a few miles from the plant where his wife was employed. They had a daughter and a dog. On the surface, it seemed to be a normal American home. Such was not the case.

It was haunted by demons from hell.

Initially, no one was aware of problems. However, the family had not lived there long before they began to notice some disturbing happenings. Unusual sounds began to be heard. These were not the normal 'bump in the night' sounds caused by shifting foundations or the heating or cooling of the materials used for the building. Now and then they heard a crying baby in adjacent rooms. Sometimes, a door would open or slam shut without any human intervention. Other times, a bright light would appear on the walls without a known source. Then there were nights when one could look out the kitchen window and see an unusual light in the backyard. This light illuminated the whole yard including the dog. He was a bad dog and normally would not tolerate a cat in the area. However, during these times, one could observe the dog and several cats milling about the yard. This was a time when the hair on the nape of your neck would stand on end!

As the author of this story, I can attest to its validity. When I was a teenaged boy, I was asked to go to the house to care for the dog since the family was out of town. I too heard the crying baby. It scared me to death. However, now as I reflect on the incident, I know I was protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I am grateful.

By William C. Highsmith - March 23, 2014