A Book Of Life
2014 - William C. Highsmith

"Timmy, how old are you, son?"

"I am ten years old, Grandpa. I will be eleven in one month and six days," answered the boy.

"Well, boy - as we sat here and fished today, I began to reflect on my own age and the times I have enjoyed. As I look at the sun as it starts to go down over the Cook Inlet, I wonder how many times I have seen the close of another chapter. This, in turn, prompts me to share with you my philosophy concerning life. You see - I look at life as a book. If you think of a book from the library, you will remember it has a front cover, a back cover, and many separate chapters in the middle. The covers are simply the beginning and end of the book. It is that which is embedded in each chapter that is important. You see Timmy, I think of the front cover of my Book Of Life as my birth, and the back cover represents my death. The chapters are the many days and incidents I have experienced. This is the important part," said the elderly man.

"Grandpa, how many chapters have you got?" asked the boy.

"I ain't finished yet," chuckled the old man.

"I wonder how many I have," said the young boy.

"Let me tell you how to add them up. You start by thinking of things you have experienced. Think about your Mama and Daddy. Remember how your mother taught you to eat green beans and how she showed you how to tie your shoes. Remember, your dad teaching you to hit a baseball and showed you how to pump up your bicycle tires. Think about your first day of school. Also, think about your initial experience of winter time here in Alaska. Do you remember when you were little and you saw a bear or a moose or an eagle for the first time? As you ponder these things, you will soon realize many chapters of your life have already been written."

"I remember. I also think about Grandma making banana pudding and gingerbread and other good stuff," answered Timmy.

"How about the Sunday you accepted Christ as your personal Savior? I know you were young; but, I believe you know how important that was."

"Yes, Sir. I do know how very important that day was. Also, I will never forget days like today. You have taught me some very good lessons - including how to catch these fish. I think we need to take these up to the house so Mom can cook them."

"Ok - let's go!"

By William C. Highsmith - August 2, 2014