© 2019 - William C. Highsmith

I love to feed the birds. I buy birdseed and scatter them about on my driveway. I always have a number of 'guests' show up to make me glad, as I watch them. There are a number of types of my feathered friends, and I have learned a lot while observing them. Well now, the other day I was looking out my window and was surprised to see four very large crows come down to feed. As they scoffed down the free food, I was reminded of a time in my childhood when our family had a crow in a cage.

It was in the mid fifties and I was a teenager. My younger brother brought home a crow he had somehow got his hands on. Bob was a very resourceful young man. He came home with the bird and our Mom - who dearly loved birds - promptly provided a cage to house the new arrival. It was soon apparent how Bob caught the bird. It had a wounded wing. It was not broken, but it did not allow the bird to fly. Mom agreed to let the bird stay until its wing was mended. We named him Corky.

Our family always had a dog and usually a cat or two. Well, it became clear that the bird and the cat were not best 'friends'. It was a challenge to keep the cat away from the cage. It seems the answer was to keep the kitty out of the house for a while.

Someone in the family heard that one could teach a crow to talk. We didn't teach him to talk, but it was apparent he was a very intelligent bird. He soon became very gentle and would sit on anyone's finger. It was quite an experience to have a close encounter with a wild creature.

Sadly, one-day Mom decided the bird was well enough to be released back into the wild.

Corky winged his way back to wherever crows go. He was gone but never forgotten (at least by me).

By William C. Highsmith - January 14, 2019