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Home Sweet Home
© 2011 - William C. Highsmith

Henry was dressed in his fine Italian made suit with impeccable style as he gazed at the row of dirt houses. He was born and raised in the one on the left. That seemed like an eternity ago.

As he stood there, he was filled with mixed emotions. There was love because it was his home place where his mom had raised him and his two brothers. She had been widowed when his dad was killed in an awful accident on a nearby farm where he had been employed. There was joy because he no longer lived there. Most important, his mother did not live there anymore. After college, he quickly became successful on Wall Street and moved his mother to a nice farm next to the one where his father had died. This was what his mother wanted. Her desire was to be nearby the place where her husband had lost his life.

The owner of the accident site - Mr. Shultz and his wife, Mary - had paid for the education of the three brothers. Henry would always have strong feelings for them. The boys had been educated in the fields of their choice.

Larry became a geologist and a professor in his field. He and his family lived in Denver where he worked at the University of Denver.

Jack was interested in agriculture and learned to manage the farm his mother lived on.

Of course, Henry's major was in economics; and, thus, he worked on Wall Street. Although he loved his job, he was becoming concerned about raising his little girl in New York City.

Maybe one day he would move back to Grand Junction, Colorado.

By William C. Highsmith - October 25, 2011