A Celebration Of The Past
© 2011 - William C. Highsmith

Nellie looked out the window of the old home place. The morning sun shined brightly and without a cloud in the sky.

It had been years, since she had been home for any extended time. It was sad it took a funeral to bring about this homecoming. Her parents had been gone for many years now; therefore, the old house did not have the attraction of times past. Recently, it had been the home of her older brother until this week of the funeral. He stepped into eternity and went to meet his mother and father in heaven. Somehow, it seemed a time of celebration. Thus, she retrieved the old enamel-ware from the cabinet and filled it with the blooms from the crepe-myrtle tree in the backyard.

As she wandered about the place, memories flooded her mind. Her thoughts harked back to the many holidays, birthdays, and homecomings. She reminisced of the many meals her mother had prepared and the hard work of her father to provide for his family. She remembered the school-days and the lazy days of summer. She recalled the times when her mother prepared for the winter by canning vegetables, and her dad stacked the firewood to keep the family warm. She thought about her siblings and the family feuds and the love each had for the other.

Moving into the library, she found the family Bible. Within its pages were the promises, the hopes, and the family tree of another generation of God's children.

Indeed, it was a time to rejoice!

By William C. Highsmith - October 24, 2011