© 1997 - William C. Highsmith

Ah! What an elegant look! All decked out, wearing a splendid top coat of deep chocolate matched with a beautiful vest of burnt orange, and ready to travel.

As the cold wind begins to blow and deliver its chill, it can mean only one thing - Old Man Winter is on his way. This is a time when food becomes scarce and many begin to seek warmer climates.

Although there is much excitement in the air, no one knows exactly what lies ahead. During such an exodus, one never knows how the trip will end. Likely, some will fall along the way. Along the way - to where?

Though they were nattily dressed and standing erect and trim - one could discern the 'hobo' trait of a journey mapped instinctively.

However, unlike the 'hobo', these visitors will be welcomed to the south. Welcomed by folks with a glad heart and feelings of happiness to once again play host to the guests from the north.

As the legions begin to arrive from every lane in the sky, not all will be joyful at their appearance. It seems - earthworms and bugs view the robins as mortal enemies.

Indeed, perspective is a decidedly important aspect of life.