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In The North Woods

© 2009 - William C. Highsmith

Coffee cup in hand, he stood by the window and gazed with appreciation at the scene before him. The snow came early this year and the valley appeared to be filled with Christmas trees. Now and then, one would see an occasional deer or some other small animal. It was a beautiful sight to behold; and, so nice to be in this cozy cabin.

Tom retired in the early summer after working for many years with a well known firm as a financial advisor. He liked to think, he had helped many people to a healthy financial future. Now it was time to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and he looked forward to the tranquility of this place in the north woods.

After living for many years in the big city with the sounds of traffic and folks busily living their lives, Tom welcomed the quietness of the woods. The snow fell silently. The only sound was that of the gentle winds blowing through the trees.

Tom looked with gratitude at the wood stacked in a neat pile. He had worked all summer to assure he had provisioned to last throughout the winter. The pantry was well stocked as was the bar. He had everything he needed; well, nearly everything. He was alone.

Being alone was not all bad, since his intention was to finally write that book.

"Now, where did I put my laptop?" he thought.

By William C. Highsmith - December 1, 2009